Tarpon Fishing

May through July many anglers will flock to Boca Grande in search of an epic battle with the tarpon. Why? More fish are hooked and landed here than anywhere else; around 5,000 annually.

Even for an experienced angler, tarpon fishing in Boca Grande is an adventure like no other. Fishing in the pass can pose a challenge; boats will be stacked on top of one another drifting the deep holes and ledges where the tarpon stage themselves for a meal. This tight conglomerate of boats makes for sometimes a stressful battle sometimes ending in a line getting snagged or cut by other anglers.

During the "Hill Tides" fish will be spread out, ranging up to 7 miles offshore and beyond allowing for individual schools to be targeted with only a few boats using a technique referred to as "leap frogging". If you are looking for a more relaxing way to fish tarpon - April, early May, & August harbor fishing is for you. Typically we locate fish on the surface and setup in front of them drifting a free lined thread-fin. Here you can have a one-on-one battle with the "King" on light spinning gear without the worries of entanglement with other boaters.

The Hill Tide
Occurs May-July during the new and full moons. These strong tides flush out hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Calico crabs (pass crabs) out of Charlotte Harbor and into the Gulf to spawn. Tarpon will stack up on a part of the pass known as the “Hill” to engorge themselves on these delicious crustaceans. During these tides tarpon will feed aggressively. Double and even triple hookups are not uncommon!

Moon Phase Calendar :: Click Here

2018 Hill Tide Dates
May: 13th to 17th & 27th to 31st
(New Moon on 15th | Full Moon on 29th)

June: 11th to 17th & 25th to 30th
(New Moon on 13th | Full Moon on 28th)

July: 10th to 18th
(New Moon on 12th)

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