Explore Charlotte Harbor!
With miles of mangrove shorelines & canals and acres of pristine grassflats & barrier islands, Charlotte Harbor is an anglers dream!

Charlotte Harbor is Florida’s second-largest open water estuary (Tampa Bay is 1st) and is the 17th largest in the nation. First inhabited by the Calusa Indians around 800 A.D. to 900 A.D. the Calusa mastered hunting and fishing while perfecting maritime living with the surrounding environment. The Harbor encompasses 130 square miles with hundreds of miles of shoreline including river passages and preserves. The estuary is fed by the freshwaters of the Myakka and Peace River providing an important ecological breeding ground for numerous fish such as snook, tarpon, redfish, cobia, grouper, spanish mackerel and various other sport fish.

Within the harbor are a maze of salt and freshwater canals totaling a combined 365 miles; 190 of salt, 175 of fresh. Some of these canals exert great tidal movement resulting in year around snook & juvenile tarpon action and is often my favorite spots to end the day.

Map of Charlotte Harbor Published in 1781


Explore Boca Grande!

Boca Grande known as the “Tarpon Capital of the World” is located on the island of Gasparilla where the earliest settlers, just like the Indians, were fisherman. Many of these settlers were Spanish or Cuban of origin. Boca Grande means “Big Mouth” in reference to the large pass.

The island was first well-known for its phosphate, a mineral used in fertilizer around 1905. The old phosphate docks still stands today making a habitat for just about all of the Gulf’s species including the giant goliath grouper. Other historic landmarks such as the Boca Grande light house which guided early vessels coming into Charlotte Harbor to load on the rich mineral remain shining bright still hundreds of years later. Boca Grande offers an escape from the fast pace life we have today.

Whether you're visiting for the exciting sport fishing, photography, rich history, or simply for the white sandy beaches, Boca Grande offers just about something for everyone!

Aerial Photo of Boca Grande During Tarpon Season

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